Name Year Citation In the ACM DL
Baghsorkhi, Sara 2010 Honorable Mention
A Performance Analyzing Tool for GPU Computing
ACM DL Author Profile
Bautista Gomez, Leonardo Arturo 2011 Honorable Mention
ACM DL Author Profile
Besta, Maciej 2015 For his project "Accelerating Large-Scale Distributed Graph Computations." ACM DL Author Profile
Bhatele, Abhinav 2009 Topology-aware task mapping ACM DL Author Profile
Breuer, Alexander 2014 For his project, "Petascale High Order Earthquake Simulations."
Chandramowlishwaran, Aparna 2010 Autotuning N-body computations using novel parallel programming models ACM DL Author Profile
Chen, Yong 2007 Honorable Mention
System Software  Parallel I/O Concurrency
ACM DL Author Profile
Chen, Yong 2008 A Hybrid Data Prefetching Architecture for Data Access Efficiency ACM DL Author Profile
Couch, Sean M. 2008 Honorable Mention
Using the Flash Code on New Systems for New Insights
Duchene, Michael J. 2011 Honorable Mention
ACM DL Author Profile
Erlich, Yaniv 2008 A self optimizing base-caller for next-generation DNA sequencing technologies using HPCC ACM DL Author Profile
Gabrys, Ryan 2012 Extending The Lifetime of New Storage Devices Using Coding Techniques
Gupta, Gagan 2012 Honorable Mention
Restartable Parallel Execution of Sequential Programs on HPCs
ACM DL Author Profile
Hoemmen, Mark 2007 Algorithms - communication-avoiding linear algebra ACM DL Author Profile
Huebl, Axel 2016 For his project, "Scalable, many-core particle-in-cell algorithms to simulate next generation particle accelerators and corresponding large-scale data analysis."
Jacob, Arpith 2007 Hardware Architecture  FPGA use that accelerates DNA sequence analysis ACM DL Author Profile
Kiswany, Samer Al 2008 Honorable Mention
Using GPUs to handle very large data.
ACM DL Author Profile
Laguna, Ignacio 2011 Scalable error detection and bug localization tools ACM DL Author Profile
Lifflander, Jonathan 2013 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
For his project "Scalable Algorithms for Dynamic Large-Scale Systems."
ACM DL Author Profile
Madduri, Kamesh 2007 Honorable Mention
Efficient solutions for large scale graph theory.
ACM DL Author Profile
Malhotra, Dhairya 2015 For his project "Scalable Algorithms for Evaluating Volume Potentials." ACM DL Author Profile
Mason, Douglas 2008 Graphene Nanotube
Menon, Harshitha 2014 For her project, "Scalable Load Balancing and Adaptive Run Time Techniques" ACM DL Author Profile
Norman, Matthew R. 2010 Honorable Mention
Harnessing Petascale Computing Resources for Atmospheric Climate Simulation: An Algorithmic Approach
ACM DL Author Profile
Que, Xinyu 2011 ACM DL Author Profile
Quest, Daniel J 2008 Honorable Mention
Transcription Networks
ACM DL Author Profile
Randles, Amanda 2010 Multiscale simulation of cardiovascular flows on the IBM Bluegene/P: full heart-circulation system at red-blood cell resolution
Randles, Amanda 2012 Multiscale Hemodynamics
Randles, Amanda 2009 Honorable Mention
Cardiovascular Disease
Rudi, Johann 2016 For his project, "Extreme-Scale Solver for Earth's Mantle Convection: A Spectral-Geometric-Algebraic Multigrid Based Implicit Solver for Nonlinear, Heterogeneous Stokes Flow with Scalability to 1.6M Cores" ACM DL Author Profile
Silberstein, Mark 2009 Honorable Mention
Genetic linkage analysis
ACM DL Author Profile
Solomonik, Edgar 2013 University of California, Berkeley
For his project "Communication-Optimal Parallel Algorithms for Solving Physical Equations."
ACM DL Author Profile
Sun, Yanhua 2012 Honorable Mention
Performance Analysis and Optimization of a message-drive asynchronous parallel programming model on Exascale
ACM DL Author Profile
Tallent, Nathan 2009 Performance Tools for HPF ACM DL Author Profile
Wang, Chao 2007 System Software - Fault tolerance for extreme scale systems ACM DL Author Profile