Name Year Citation In the ACM DL
Amarel, Saul 1998 For his wide-ranging contributions to Artificial Intelligence, especially in advancing our understanding of the role of representation in problem solving, and of the theory and practice of computational planning and design of complex engineering systems. ACM DL Author Profile
Bajcsy, Ruzena R 2001 For outstanding research contributions in several areas including computational anatomy, and active sensing and perception, resulting in major impacts in robotics, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. ACM DL Author Profile
Brooks, Frederick 1994 In recognition of the breadth of career contributions of Professor Brooks within Computer Science and Engineering (CSE); and his interdisciplinary contributions to visualization methods for Biochemistry. Within CSE, he pioneered early computer development, then for IBM managed the development of the hardware and software for System/360, a landmark for its time that still influences the computer field today. He led the development of innovations in computer graphics and the application of computer graphics to the visualization and manipulation of biochemically important molecules. ACM DL Author Profile
Chen, Peter 2002 For seminal contributions to data modeling and software engineering, particularly his invention of the Entity-Relationship (ER) model and his pioneering technical contributions and leadership role in Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE). ACM DL Author Profile
Forrest, Stephanie 2011 University of New Mexico
For fundamental, paradigm-changing contributions to computer science and biological sciences, most notably bringing together models of immune systems, automated diversity, and network epidemiology, with significant impact on real computer and biological systems research and practice.
ACM DL Author Profile
Gabriel, Richard 2004 Sun Microsystems
For innovations in programming languages and software design, and promoting the interaction between computer science and other disciplines, notably architecture and poetry.
ACM DL Author Profile
Grosz, Barbara J 2008 Dean, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study
For fundamental contributions to research in natural language processing and in multi-agent systems, for her leadership in the field of artificial intelligence, and for her role in the establishment and leadership of interdisciplinary institutions.
ACM DL Author Profile
Guibas, Leonidas J 2007 Stanford University
For pioneering work in computational geometry, with profound applications across an astonishingly broad range of Computer Science disciplines.
ACM DL Author Profile
Halpern, Joseph 2008 Cornell University
For fundamental advances in reasoning about knowledge, belief, and uncertainty and their groundbreaking applications in artificial intelligence, computer science, game theory, economics, and the philosophy of science.
ACM DL Author Profile
Haussler, David 2003 "For contributions bridging computer science and biology through research in computational learning theory, computational biology, and bioinformatics leading to major influences on the understanding of biological macromolecules and the investigation of the human genome." ACM DL Author Profile
Horvitz, Eric 2015 For contributions to artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction spanning the computing and decision sciences through developing principles and models of sensing, reflection, and rational action. ACM DL Author Profile
Jordan, Michael I. 2009 University of California, Berkeley
For fundamental advances in machine learning, particularly his groundbreaking work on graphical models and nonparametric Bayesian statistics, the broad application of this work across computer science, statistics, and the biological sciences.
ACM DL Author Profile
Kanade, Takeo 2010 Carnegie Mellon University
For fundamental contributions to research in computer vision and robotics, for applications to driving, 3D vision and quality of life technology, and for promoting the interaction between computer science and other disciplines, most notably robotics.
ACM DL Author Profile
Kleinberg, Jon 2014 Cornell University
For groundbreaking work in computer science in areas including social and information networks, information retrieval, and data science, and for bridging computing, economics and the social sciences.
ACM DL Author Profile
Lederberg, Joshua 1995 For pathbreaking contributions to the application of computer science research in chemistry and biology; and for leadership in building a computer-networked community of workers in these areas. ACM DL Author Profile
Leveson, Nancy 1999 For pioneering and developing the interdisciplinary field of software safety, developing innovative approaches to ensuring that computers do not contribute to loss of life and property. Dr. Leveson's work has influenced not only academic research but government standards and industrial practice world wide, spanning nuclear power, aerospace, medical, and various transportation systems. Dr. Leveson has built bridges between computer science and the fields of system engineering; mechanical, industrial and other engineering specialties; human factors and industrial psychology; organizational sociology; and formal accident theory. ACM DL Author Profile
Mead, Carver 1997 Carver Mead has made a large number of diverse and seminal contributions to computing through the development of semiconductors, their design, and specific, archetypal chip designs including an artificial retina and cochlea through pioneering digital, analog, and neural computing techniques. He has played a key role in technology transfer as an entrepreneurial founder of companies to utilize the technology he created. ACM DL Author Profile
Minker, Jack 2005 Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland
For his fundamental contributions to the fields of deductive databases, logic programming, artificial intelligence, and, more generally, logic-based methods in Computer Science and for his truly unprecedented role in organizing and stimulating scientific discourse.
ACM DL Author Profile
Pearl, Judea 2003 For contributions to artificial intelligence and its applications, building a firm mathematical and theoretical foundation through ground-breaking work in heuristic search, reasoning under uncertainty, constraint processing, non-monotonic reasoning, and causal modeling. ACM DL Author Profile
Shoham, Yoav 2012 Stanford University
For fundamental contributions at the intersection of computer science, game theory, and economics, most particularly in multi-agent systems and social coordination (broadly construed), which have yielded major contributions to all three disciplines.
ACM DL Author Profile
Sparck-Jones, Karen 2006 Professor Emeritus, University of Cambridge
For seminal contributions to the field of information retrieval, for cross-disciplinary contributions bridging information retrieval and computational linguistics, and for her role in facilitating international cooperation in the field of computational linguistics.
ACM DL Author Profile
Tennenholtz, Moshe 2012 Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and Microsoft Research
For fundamental contributions at the intersection of computer science, game theory, and economics, most particularly in multi-agent systems and social coordination (broadly construed), which have yielded major contributions to all three disciplines.
ACM DL Author Profile
Zadeh, Lotfi 2000 For his seminal contributions to the theory and applications of fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic in basic sciences, information processing, decision and control.