Name Year Citation In the ACM DL
Adams, James M. 1992 For his outstanding contributions over many years in inspiring and supporting ACM's volunteers, in serving as ACM's collective conscience and memory, and in uniting the volunteers and the professional staff into a single team working to fulfill ACM's potential.
Aiken, Robert 1996 For outstanding contributions to computer science education and for long-term leadership in national and international computer science education activities on behalf of ACM. ACM DL Author Profile
Ashenhurst, R L 1998 For long-term contributions and commitment to ACM, as Communications of the ACM Editor-in-Chief and Monograph Series editor, ACM Council member, Curriculum Committee member, and Parliamentarian. ACM DL Author Profile
Austing, Richard H 1983 For his major contributions in the area of computing education. ACM DL Author Profile
Berghel, Hal 2000 For significant and wide-ranging contributions on behalf of the ACM Membership and Publication Boards, ACM Technology Outreach Programs, and the ACM Distinguished Lectureship Series. ACM DL Author Profile
Boisvert, Ronald 1999 For his leadership and innovation as Editor-in-Chief of the Transactions on Mathematical Software and his exceptional contributions to the ACM Digital Library project.
Borman, Lorraine 1992 For her diligent work and commitment to the development and growth of SIGCHI and for her creative spark and skilled workmanship which guided the research and publication of the DataPlan Committee reports. ACM DL Author Profile
Cappo, Donna 2013 For her incomparable leadership in guiding ACMs Special Interest Groups, related conferences, events, and the countless volunteers who organize and run them.
Coffman, Ed 1987 For outstanding contributions to ACM Publications, having served on the Editorial Board of the "Journal of the ACM" from 1969 through 1985; four of these years as Editor-in-Chief. ACM DL Author Profile
D'Auria, Thomas A. 1985 For helping shape the management structure and Headquarters operations of ACM to better serve the computing profession, for initiating innovative programs to attract members and improve ACM's ability to respond to member needs, and for making these programs work.
DeBlasi, Joseph S 2010 Decision Systems Inc./IMI-DSI LLC
For his executive leadership over a decade (1989-1999) that transformed ACM into a financially sound, globally respected institution and for his foresight in implementing programs that continue to sustain ACM today.
ACM DL Author Profile
DeFanti, Thomas 1988 For recognizing the need for a new form of publication for video graphics; for originating the ACM Video Review; for doing the day-to-day work of preparing and distributing it over a period of years; for the impact on teaching of computer graphics and on the dissemination of the best work in that field. ACM DL Author Profile
Denning, Peter J 1998 For contributions to the early development of operating systems and its theory and to the core curriculum and development of computer science as a discipline. ACM DL Author Profile
Dorsey, W. Smith 1976 In appreciation for Smith Dorsey's faithful, intelligent, and enthusiastic service to his profession and to the conference activity of ACM.
Esbin, John H. (Jack) 1993 For his many contributions and achievements, some of which were recognized by the Outstanding Contribution to ACM Award he was presented with in 1993. ACM DL Author Profile
Friedman, Frank 1993 For his dedicated and effective leadership as Chair of the Conferences Board and in many other conference management posts over the past decade. His superb guidance of SIG and ACM conferences has greatly advanced this important area of SIG and ACM service to members and to the profession. ACM DL Author Profile
Gotlieb, Calvin C. 2011 University of Toronto
For serving as the Leading Light of ACM's Awards Committee.
ACM DL Author Profile
Gotterbarn, Don 2005 East Tennessee State University
For exceptional accomplishments and leadership as both an educator and practitioner, in establishing the ACM's Codes of Ethics and promoting the ethical behavior of computing professionals and organizations.
ACM DL Author Profile
Graves, Wayne 2008 ACM
For outstanding leadership in the design, implementation, and evolution of the ACM Digital Library and Guide.
Hall, Wendy 2014 University of Southampton
For guiding ACM to become a truly international organization, helping improve diversity within ACM, and working to increase ACM's visibility in scientific venues world-wide.
ACM DL Author Profile
Harris, Fred H 1982 For his pioneering work in the establishment and implementation of the Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals (ICCP). ACM DL Author Profile
Harris, Russell 2013 ACM's financial leading light for over four decades, whose keen business acumen is responsible for many of the accounting practices that continue to strengthen ACM's fiscal structure.
Johnson, Mark Scott 2003 For sustained, effective service during the past two decades through ACM activities in SIGPLAN, the SIG Governing Board, and Council.
Kedem, Zvi 2012 Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at NYU
For his leadership as Editor-in-Chief of the ACM Computing Classification System (CCS) Update Project.
ACM DL Author Profile
Lee, J.A.N. 1981 For his dedication and effectiveness in representing ACM to the US standards community for more than ten years. His delicate, judgmental selection of issues for ACM's attention has mobilized the resources needed to address standard matters of importance to ACM. His skill in grasping and articulating the issues has won widespread commendation throughout the standards community. ACM DL Author Profile
Lynn, M Stuart 1979 For his chairing and directing of the ACM Publications Planning Committee which produced a long-term policy framework and the current implementation plan for ACM publications. ACM DL Author Profile
Maisel, Herbert 1986 For lengthy, effective and dedicated service to ACM in many roles including Chairman of the External Activities Board and, in particular, for his service as Chair of the Intersociety Liason Committee. ACM DL Author Profile
Minker, Jack 1985 For championing the rights of scientists to practice their profession freely and openly, for bringing to public attention the names of scientists deprived of their scientific freedom and human rights, and for giving these victims hope and making them aware of ACM's support. ACM DL Author Profile
Neumann, Peter G 1992 For his dedicated service as founder and moderator of the ACM Forum on Risks to the Public in the Use of Computers and Related Systems. His work with RISKS Forum on-line, in the Software Engineering Notes, and in CACM has increased awareness of security and safety issues in computer systems in relation to the public interest and has brought ACM to many people's attention. ACM DL Author Profile
Newborn, Monroe 1989 In recognition of his organization and continuing efforts in the annual ACM Computer Chess Championship. Throughout the 20 years of the event, he has been a major force in its operation, has authored one of the competitors (OSTRICH), and has encouraged young ACM members to develop computer chess programs and to compete. ACM DL Author Profile
Poucher, William B 1990 For outstanding contributions over an extended period to the ACM Scholastic Programming Contest, resulting in a well-funded program, widespread university participation, and enhanced visibility for the Contest. These contributions have served ACM and the public by generating excitement in computing professional activities. ACM DL Author Profile
Rous, Bernard 2008 ACM
For outstanding leadership in initiating the development of the ACM Digital Library and Guide and curation of their content.
ACM DL Author Profile
Ryan, Pat 2002 For being the embodiment of ACM and her nearly quarter-century of tireless devotion to its causes. She epitomizes ACM's strength, dedication, and professionalism, and has given unstintingly of her time and talents with a perspective and judgment that is unmatched.
Simons, Barbara B 2001 For nearly two decades of outstanding work with respect to computing and public policy, including service as President and Secretary of ACM, chair of ACM's Committee on Scientific Freedom and Human Rights, and founding chair and subsequent co-chair of ACM's U.S. Public Policy Committee, providing a forceful, effective voice for ACM and the computing community. ACM DL Author Profile
Snodgrass, Richard T 2004 University of Arizona, Tucson
"For exceptional leadership in broadening the vision of the ACM Digital Library into a portal to computer science literature, and for service as an outstanding leader of the ACM SIGMOD community, of the Publications Board, and of the SIG Board."
ACM DL Author Profile
Taulbee, Orrin E. 1984 For his leadership of the ACM Computer Science Conference Committee, which directs one of the major ACM sponsored annual conferences. [Since organizing the Employment Register at the first Computer Science Conference in 1973, Orrin Taulbee has continued to produce and manage the ACM Employment Register at every succeeding Computer Science Conference to date. This document is an important service to graduate students completing degree work, to private industry and government agencies seeking to employ computer scientists, and to university staffs and placement services. ACM DL Author Profile
Tucker, Allen 1991 In recognition of his outstanding contributions over many years in the development of computer science curricula and, in particular, for his role as the driving force behind the task force report, "Computing Curriculum '91. ACM DL Author Profile
Turner, A. Joe 1995 For his accomplishments in computing science education, particularly as ACM's representative to CSAB and on Curriculum '91. ACM DL Author Profile
Van Atta, Bruce W. 1976 For effective development, processing, and reporting on the ACM Membership Opinion Survey in 1973-75 and for effective development of the Membership Profile used in 1975-76.
Vardi, Moshe Y 2009 Rice University
For outstanding leadership in restructuring the Communications of the ACM to be the flagship publication of both the Association and the discipline and in organizing an influential, systematic analysis of outsourcing.
ACM DL Author Profile
Wagner, Kathleen A. 1978 For organizing and implementing the Chapter Volunteer Training Workshops in 1976 and 1977 for developing leadership skills.
Walker, Robert A. 2007 Kent State University
For a sustained record of dedicated and conscientious leadership within the ACM Special Interest Groups, including service as Chair of the SIG Governing Board, Chair of SIGDA, SGB Representative to Council, as well as leadership in ACM conference organization.
ACM DL Author Profile
White, John R. 1994 For his wise initiative in creating and nurturing the SIG Discretionary Fund, whose activities have strengthened both ACM as a whole and the role of the SIGs within it, and for his work in building bridges between ACM and the rest of the computing community. ACM DL Author Profile
Wise, David S 2006 Indiana University
For his leadership and unstinting service to ACM and the SIGs, especially for creation of the Federated Computing Research Conference (FCRC), and for key contributions to the strengthening of the ACM Digital Library.
ACM DL Author Profile
Wolfson, Seymour J 1983 For his leadership of the ACM Conferences and Symposia Committee, a position which holds oversight responsibility for fifty-five ACM sponsored or co-sponsored meeting each year and monitors the policies and guidelines for all ACM conference activity. ACM DL Author Profile
Zweben, Stuart 1997 Ohio State University
For over twenty years of ACM leadership, including initiatives to increase ACM's international presence and public policy influence, and his tireless devotion to bringing the chapters activities to greater prominence; leading ACM's efforts in computing science accreditation; rewriting Association bylaws and policies; and steering publications projects resulting in improved review processes and more timely publication.
ACM DL Author Profile