Name Year Citation In the ACM DL
Bechtolsheim, Andreas 2005 Sun Microsystems
For showing us how to overcome extraordinary financial success to remain one of the world's best computer engineers, and for sharing his time, talent, and wealth to give dozens of startups a chance to succeed.
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Bourne, Stephen 2008 For his tireless efforts on behalf of ACM, most notably his visionary and continuing leadership in the creation of Queue and the ACM Professions Board as well as his expert guidance as Chair of ACM's Investment Committee and support for the International Computing Programming Contest. Dr. Bourne's work fosters goodwill for the computing profession and draws the best of the next generation to ACM. ACM DL Author Profile
Curtis, Kent K. 1987 ACM President Paul Abrahams
For sustained support of computer research and education, for enlightened research administration and support policies, and for application of computers to research and education.
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Gage, John 1998 ACM President Chuck House
For his accomplishments as an extraordinary computing professional who has made a difference for the United States. Through his efforts, "Net Day", which provided access to the power of the Internet to students and teachers across the US, became a reality.
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Gagliardi, Fabrizio 2013 Microsoft Research
In recognition of his tireless leadership in sharpening the visibility of ACM and its professional and educational activities throughout Europe. Serving as chair of ACM-Europe during its inaugural three years, Dr. Gagliardi has inspired and led preeminent ACM activities to the region resulting in growth in European chapters, membership, and conferences. His commitment to building integral relationships with Informatics-Europe and the European Union has further raised global awareness and respect for ACM initiatives. His leading role in the creation of the first Heidelberg Laureate Forum defines his devotion to celebrating and cultivating the potential of young researchers in computer science.
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Gotlieb, Calvin C. 2002 ACM President Steve Bourne
For his dedication, total commitment, and never-failing enthusiasm in maintaining the technical excellence and integrity of the ACM awards program.
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Joseph, Mathai 2010 In honor of his devoted commitment to establishing an ACM presence in India. As a dedicated and active ACM member, Dr. Joseph has long believed that ACM should play a key role in forging links between the best in computer science worldwide. Over the years his influence proved an important factor in the development of strategies that lead to the creation of the ACM Regional Councils. He was instrumental in the formation of the ACM India Council, which was launched in Bangalore in January 2010. The Council, of which he is a member, serves as an example of best practice as the ACM moves forward with its international strategy. Dr. Joseph also serves ACM as a valued member-at-large on ACM Council, a post he was elected to in 2008. ACM DL Author Profile
Kahn, Robert E 1985 ACM President Adele Goldberg
For his outstanding leadership and contributions to computer science that have provided major advances in the computing field. During his tenure at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the Department of Defense, Dr. Kahn provided strong and imaginative leadership for one of the most wide-ranging and important research programs in computer science, computer-communications, and artificial intelligence. In the past two years, Dr. Kahn was instrumental in the establishment of the Strategic Computing Initiative, a DoD program that has far-reaching implications in the development of future generations of information technology.
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Lazowska, Edward 2005 University of Washington
For showing us how to advocate effectively for IT research and advanced education.
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Liu, Yunhao 2013 Tsinghua University
Yunhao Liu, professor at Tsinghua University, is an active researcher and a member of the ACM China Council. He has spread the word and shared the value that ACM offers to China's vast computing community. As a result of his efforts, ACM membership in China has grown significantly. ACM is now a co-sponsor of the annual China National Computer Congress, China's largest event of its kind in the computer field. The gathering focused on green computing, system software, sensor network, information security, high-performance computing, mobile internet and intelligent terminals.
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Narayanan, P J 2013 International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad
As President of the ACM India Council, Dr. Narayanan's steadfast desire to establish an ACM presence in this burgeoning technology mecca has met with unparalleled success. Under his inspired leadership, ACM-India memberships and chapters have flourished throughout the country. Indeed, his efforts were instrumental in registering ACM as a scholarly society in India. His enthusiasm for facilitating top conferences to the region as well as encouraging students to follow a career in computing exemplifies his commitment to planting strong ACM roots in India. Under Dr. Narayanan's expert guidance, ACM-India is working to create initiatives to improve the quality of computing education in India and to strengthen the Indian computing research enterprise. Both initiatives are important to bolstering the next generations of India's technology leaders and their presence in the practice of computer science.
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Ryan, Pat 2008 ACM
For her outstanding and fundamental contributions to ACM, serving as the conduit to which all volunteers turn for her encyclopedic knowledge of the Association and her steadfast resolve to respond to their needs. ACM has profoundly benefited over the years from Pat Ryan's careful management of human and financial resources. Her boundless dedication to ACM is without equal.
Ryder, Barbara Gershon 2008 Virginia Tech
For her devoted efforts as Chair of the 2003, and Steering Committee Chair of the 2007, Federated Computing Research Conference, as well as for her exceptional work on behalf of SIGPLAN's History of Programming Languages conferences, including serving as Program Chair of 2007's HOPL-III. Dr. Ryder served from 1989 to 1999 on SIGPLAN's Executive Committee, and served as Chair from 1995-97, and as a Member at Large of the ACM Council from 2000 -2008. Dr. Ryder has been a source of inspiration to women in the computing field, dedicating her services in their support, among them, serving on the Athena Lecturer Award Committee. Her contributions as Member-at-Large on ACM's Council have provided valuable insights.
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Sahami, Mehran 2014 Stanford University
For outstanding leadership of, and commitment to, the three-year ACM/IEEE-CS effort to produce CS2013  a comprehensive revision of the curricular guidelines for undergraduate programs in computer science
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Schimpf, Gerhard 2016 For his leadership in support of ACMs mission for global expansion by helping to establish ACM Europe, advocating ACMs involvement in the Heidelberg Laureates Forum, and enlightening students and professionals throughout Europe to the value of ACM membership. ACM DL Author Profile
Spafford, Eugene H 2006 Purdue University
For his long and effective leadership on issues of computer security and policy, professional responsibility, and the Internet.
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Stephenson, Chris 2016 A true visionary and teaching advocate who spirited ACMs lifelong commitment to computer science education, recognizing the need to introduce CS to young students taught by educators with the tools and training to inspire future generations to the wonders of computing. ACM DL Author Profile
Vardi, Moshe Y 2008 Rice University
For his unwavering commitment in driving the ACM Job Migration Task Force and its Globalization and Offshoring of Software report, drawing worldwide attention to its wealth of information and balanced perspective. Dr. Vardi's ambitious efforts on behalf of ACM continue as he energetically leads the revitalization of ACM's flagship publication, Communications of the ACM, and becomes its new editor-in-chief.
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Weyuker, Elaine 2010 In honor of her tireless efforts in the development and growth of ACM-W. Dr. Weyuker took over as Chair of ACM-W at a critical point in its survival. Under her expert guidance, she built a network of enthusiastic volunteers to help propel ACM-W forward, in the process creating many new ideas for activities, awards, and scholarships to cultivate and celebrate women seeking careers in computing. Over the last two years, as first Chair of the new ACM-W Council, she has reshaped ACM-W from a grassroots network to a professional community within ACM that contributes to strategic discussions at the highest levels of the organization. ACM DL Author Profile
White, John R. 2015 ACM
For his committed and inspired leadership as ACM's Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer from November 1998 to July 2015, transforming the Association into a truly international society able to bring the highest quality resources to current and future computing professionals worldwide, and enabling it to deliver at unprecedented levels on its mission of advancing computing as a science and a profession.
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