ACM recognizes excellence through its eminent series of awards for outstanding technical and professional achievements and contributions in computer science and information technology.


Guidelines for ACM Senior Member Nominations

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    Nominations for ACM Senior Member should be submitted using the Advanced Member Category Submission System for Senior Member online.


    Candidates for Senior Membership must have been an ACM Professional Member (not Student) for at least five years immediately preceding the final date for submission of nominations. Membership information may be verified by contacting ACM Headquarters at +1-212-626-0500 or

    This grade level is self-nominating, i.e., candidates for Senior Member are responsible for nominating themselves and ensuring that the endorsements are submitted.

    The candidate must have had 10 years professional experience. Educational experience is credited toward that time as follows:

    • 2 years if the candidate holds an associate degree
    • 3 years if the candidate holds a baccalaureate degree
    • 4 years if the candidate holds a baccalaureate and masters degree
    • 5 years if the candidate holds a doctorate

    Criteria for Senior Member:

    The successful candidate for Senior Member must have demonstrated performance that sets them apart from their peers. In general, this demonstrated performance will be reflected in contributions in one or more of the following areas.

    Technical leadership

    • Project/engineering leadership
    • Research leadership
    • Education leadership
    • Management

    Technical contributions

    • Publications in referred journals or conference proceedings
    • Textbooks
    • Successful product engineering and development
    • Patents
    • Standards

    Professional contributions

    • Service to professional societies
    • Service on review boards and committees
    • Service on conference committees
    • Service on education committees
    • Service on standards committees


    Senior Member nominations are accepted throughout the year and are reviewed by the Senior Member Nominations Committee in cycles. For the current cycle deadline, please reference the Online Nomination form.

    In order for a nomination to be considered during the current cycle, all required information and confirmed endorsements for the nomination must be received by midnight of the day of the deadline (EDS time, UTC/GMT -4 hours). Any incomplete nominations will be rolled over to the next cycle and will be reviewed once they have been completed.

    Please consult the "Checklist for ACM Senior Member/Distinguished Engineer, Scientist, or Member Nominations" page for information needed to submit a Senior Member nomination.

    Documentation must be submitted using the Advanced Member Category Submission System by no later than:

    March 3, 2016 for the Nomination
    March 3, 2016 for all Endorsements


    Nominators must secure endorsements from three colleagues in the field (not necessarily ACM members) who have agreed to endorse the candidate for Senior Member. These endorsements should be from colleagues to whom the candidate reported or was in some way responsible for the work reported, or those colleagues who have a comprehensive knowledge of the candidate's work (e.g., co-authors or collaborators). Please note that the endorsers' statements are considered to be of particular significance to the Senior Member Committee. The character limit for endorsers' comments is 2,500. Endorsers must attest that:

    1. they know the candidate and their work;
    2. that the candidate accurately described the achievements outlined in the nomination;
    3. these accomplishments meet their best understanding of the criteria for Senior Member.

    Nominators will be contacted after completing the nomination process, with information on how to proceed. This information will include an encrypted url which you will forward to your endorsers and which will enable them to access the endorsement site. After an endorsement is submitted, the endorser will be sent an email from "" with an encrypted url to confirm the endorsement.
    Please Note: The confirmation of the endorsement is a requirement and must be completed by the deadline. If you do not receive the email after you submit your endorsement, please contact us

    ACM Advanced Member Grade Level Nominations and Endorsements must be submitted in English.


    ACM Senior Members will receive a certificate and a specially annotated ACM membership card. The names of the new Senior Members will appear on the ACM Web site.


    If a nominee is not accepted in a given year, the candidate will be notified. Reconsideration of the nomination the following year is permitted but is not automatic. If a nominee is not accepted two years in a row, a wait of one year is required before that nominee can be considered again. Resubmission through the Advanced Member Category Submission System is required.


    Questions regarding procedures may be directed to Rosemary McGuinness