ACM Presidential Award
Microsoft Research Italy – 2013

In recognition of his tireless leadership in sharpening the visibility of ACM and its professional and educational activities throughout Europe. Serving as chair of ACM-Europe during its inaugural three years, Dr. Gagliardi has inspired and led preeminent ACM activities to the region resulting in growth in European chapters, membership, and conferences. His commitment to building integral relationships with Informatics-Europe and the European Union has further raised global awareness and respect for ACM initiatives. His leading role in the creation of the first Heidelberg Laureate Forum defines his devotion to celebrating and cultivating the potential of young researchers in computer science.

Press Release


ACM Names International Computing Visionaries For Advances In Research And Education

The 2012 ACM Presidential Awards recognize three leaders who are extending ACM's profile and promoting its role in advancing computing as a science and a profession around the globe:

Fabrizio Gagliardi, Microsoft Research.  As the chair of ACM Europe Council, he sharpened ACM’s visibility and its professional and educational activities throughout Europe.  His leadership has helped to grow ACM European chapters, membership, and conferences.  He successfully built integral relationships with Informatics-Europe and the European Union to further raise global awareness of ACM initiatives.  He also played a leading role in creating the first Heidelberg Laureate Forum, a collaborative initiative between the computing and math disciplines to bring young researchers together with winners of the highest scientific awards, including the ACM Turing Award.

Yunhao Liu, professor at Tsinghua University.  As an active researcher and a member of the ACM China Council, he has spread the word and shared the value that ACM offers to China’s vast computing community.  As a result of his efforts, ACM membership in China has grown significantly.  ACM is now a co-sponsor of the annual China National Computer Congress, China’s largest event of its kind in the computer field.  The gathering focused on green computing, system software, sensor network, information security, high-performance computing, mobile internet and intelligent terminals.

PJ Narayanan, professor and dean at IIIT, Hyderabad.  As president of the ACM India Council, he helped establish an ACM presence in this burgeoning technology mecca.  His efforts were instrumental in launching ACM as a scholarly society and starting several activities under the ACM banner in India.  He facilitated top conferences in the region and encouraged students to pursue careers in computing. Narayanan helped create an ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award in 2012.  Under his guidance, ACM India is creating initiatives to improve the quality of computing education and strengthen the Indian computing research enterprise as a way to bolster the next generation’s technology leaders in India.

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