ACM Software System Award
SMALLTALK United States – 1987

Adele Goldberg, Daniel H.H. Ingalls, Jr., Alan C. Kay

For seminal contributions to object-oriented programming languages and related programming techniques. The theories of languages and development systems known as "Smalltalk" laid the foundation for explorations in new software methodologies, graphical user interface designs, and forms of on-line assistance to the software development process.

ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award
United States – 1984

For his work at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, where he was a major force, both technical and inspirational, in the development of the SMALLTALK language and its graphics facilities. He is the design of the BITBLT primitive that is now widely used for generating images on raster-scan displays. The combination of a good idea, a good design, and very effective and careful implementation has led to BITBLT's wide acceptance in the computing community. Mr. Ingalls' research has also directly and dramatically affected the computing industry's view of what people should have in the way of accessible computing.