R L Ashenhurst

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Outstanding Contribution to ACM Award

USA - 1998


For long-term contributions and commitment to ACM, as Communications of the ACM Editor-in-Chief and Monograph Series editor, ACM Council member, Curriculum Committee member, and Parliamentarian.

Robert L. Ashenhurst has made long-term contributions to ACM since 1963. He was Communications of the ACM (CACM) computer systems editor (1963-72), Editor of the Monograph Series (1964-78), CACM Editor-in-Chief (1973-83), Editor of the CACM ACM Forum (1973-1990), Chairman of ACM SIGCAS (1971-73), Chairman of the ACM Constitution and Bylaws Committee (since 1992), ACM Council member (1976-1988), and Council Parliamentarian (since 1986). He also served on the ACM Curriculum Committee on Computer Education for Management (1968-76) and the ACM Awards Committee (1993-1997). He chaired the ACM Chicago Chapter (1964-1965). Ashenhurst became an ACM Fellow in 1995.

ACM Fellows

USA - 1995


Ashenhurst's most notable contributions in 31 years of ACM leadership were 14 years as Monograph Series editor and 17 years as editor of CACM Forum.