Hal Berghel

Digital Library

Outstanding Contribution to ACM Award

USA - 2000


For significant and wide-ranging contributions on behalf of the ACM Membership and Publication Boards, ACM Technology Outreach Programs, and the ACM Distinguished Lectureship Series.

Hal Berghel's contributions to ACM and the computing profession are as multi-faceted and energetic as his research. Hal was the driving force in creating the ACM SIG on Applied Computing and its associated journal. His major role in the ACM Technology Outreach Program (TOP) began with the revitalization of the ACM Lectureship Series which he then extended to Mexico and Central America. TOP has organized meetings around the world to assist in ACM chapter-formation activities, including India, Korea, Japan, China, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand. In all, nearly three dozen new chapters have been established as a result of this TOP initiative in the past 5 years. Hal also provided the motivation behind the first foreign language translation of an ACM periodical, Crossroads. Another form of innovation is illustrated by his development of the ACM Video Library and the Video Podium series. Further, Hal writes a regular column (Digital Village) in the Communications of the ACM and serves, in varying capacities, as a long-time member of the Publications Board. While Hal has been involved in many more activities than this sampling documents, it does convey something of the energy, zest and range of accomplishments that Hal brings to the profession.

ACM Fellows

USA - 1998


For wide-ranging contributions to the arts, sciences and practices of information processing and distinguished service to ACM.

ACM Distinguished Service Award

USA - 1996


For wide-ranging contributions to experimental computing and service to the computing community.