Elisa Bertino

Digital Library

ACM Athena Lecturer Award

USA - 2019


For pioneering and impactful contributions to data management, security, and privacy, along with outstanding contributions to broadening participation in computing via professional leadership and mentoring

Elisa Bertino is a leading researcher in data management, security, and privacy. Her pioneering contributions have been grounded in rigorous theory and have had substantial impact on practical systems. Dr. Bertino has made outstanding contributions to data security and privacy in many different contexts including context-based access control, digital identity management, data integrity, IoT and sensor network security, secure and privacy-preserving provenance, privacy preserving analytics, protection from insider threats, and cloud security. In these efforts she provided formal foundations and implementations of mechanisms that have become commonplace in industrial products. Recently, she led the design of the LTEInspector framework to test security properties of cellular networks leading to the identification of ten novel vulnerabilities in the 4G LTE standard, and the discovery of new privacy attacks in 4G and 5G cellular protocols. For this recent work, she was named to the GSMA Mobile Security Research Hall of Fame.

Dr. Bertino is an outstanding educator and mentor. Her PhD students, including 16 women, have been placed in universities and research labs around the world. She is a professor of computer science at Purdue University and is the research director of the Cyber Space Security Lab. Dr. Bertino received the Dr. Degree in Computer Science in 1980 from the University of Pisa. She worked at the Italian National Research Council and in industry research labs on data management topics for ten years and then moved into academia in Italy at the University of Genova and the University of Milan before joining Purdue University in 2004. She is an ACM Fellow and an IEEE Fellow and has received several awards recognizing her outstanding technical contributions including the IEEE Computer Society Technical Achievement Award, the Tsutomu Kanai Award, and the ACM SIG on Security, Audit and Control's Outstanding Contribution Award.

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ACM Fellows

USA - 2003


For contributions to secure database systems.