Stephen Bourne

Digital Library

Outstanding Contribution to ACM Award

USA - 2017


For significant contributions to ACM, particularly for reaching out to practitioners through the development of the Practitioners Board and Queue, and for his support of students worldwide through his engagement with, and support of, the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.

Steve has made significant contributions to ACM through various roles. As President of ACM (2000-2002), he established the Queue magazine which has become a highly-valued publication among practitioners. Queue bears the unmistakable stamp of Dr. Bourne developed over the many years he served as Editor-in-Chief. In addition, he led the launch and development of the Practitioners Board which has become the foundation for ACM outreach to practicing professionals. Furthermore, Dr. Bourne served as Chair of the ACM Investment Committee from 2006 - 2012. Equally valuable are his contributions to promote and support the annual ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest which connects ACM to computing students worldwide. His enthusiasm, dedication, and perseverance have set a great example for volunteers. His contributions have benefited ACM as an organization, and computing as a profession.

ACM Presidential Award

USA - 2008


For his tireless efforts on behalf of ACM, most notably his visionary and continuing leadership in the creation of Queue and the ACM Professions Board as well as his expert guidance as Chair of ACM's Investment Committee and support for the International Computing Programming Contest. Dr. Bourne's work fosters goodwill for the computing profession and draws the best of the next generation to ACM.

ACM Fellows

USA - 2005


For contributions to the development of UNIX and for effective leadership of ACM.