Donna Cappo

Award Recipient
Donna Cappo

Outstanding Contribution to ACM Award

USA - 2013


For her incomparable leadership in guiding ACMs Special Interest Groups, related conferences, events, and the countless volunteers who organize and run them.

For almost three decades, SIG and conferences leaders have depended on Donna Cappo as their tireless advocate of all things SIG-related, including organizing conferences and events (hundreds per year), recruiting and helping volunteers (hundreds per year), and fostering SIG membership. ACM volunteers marvel at Donna's ability to guide them, most of who enter conference chair positions for the first time and rely heavily on Donna's wisdom and experiences to ensure a successful event. Donna has been instrumental in spearheading the Federated Computing Research Conferences. The success of this major event requires coordinating multiple SIGs to bring together several thousand computer scientists and professionals. The logistics of orchestrating an FCRC is overwhelming to the most seasoned organizers. "I do not see how FCRC would exist without Donna," says one former FCRC chair. "I would say that no single person could manage all of this alone, except that Donna does."