Arati M Dixit

Digital Library

Outstanding Contribution to ACM Award

USA - 2019


For contributing to the growth and diversity of ACM programs in India, especially ACM-W India.

Dr. Arati Dixit has made significant contributions to the growth and diversity of ACM programs in India, in particular, ACM-W India, ACM India SIGCSE, ACM India's Eminent Speaker Program, and ACM-W outreach in the wider Asia-Pacific Region. Dr. Dixit has played a particularly important role in the growth and success of ACM-W India, an initiative of great importance to ACM India. These contributions go far beyond her service as chairperson of ACM-W India from 2017-2019. Of special significance is her leadership in establishing and leading ACM summer schools exclusively for women. These summer schools were designed both to counter gender bias and to overcome social pressures that women students face in India against traveling to mixed gender residential summer schools. Dr. Dixit was instrumental in setting up the first Celebration of Women in Computing in India in 2013. She put in place a regular calendar of regional celebrations across the country to complement the annual celebration, thus increasing the impact over this large and diverse nation. These events included programming competitions, poster presentations, an ACM-W Celebration for Women in Research, an annual 24-hour hackathon for women students, and an ACM-W Celebration for Women in rural regions. Another of Dr. Dixit's major contributions has been the founding and success of iSIGCSE, the instantiation of SIGCSE in India. The formation of an active SIGCSE community within India has been a major step forward for ACM in India. Dr. Dixit has contributed in numerous ways to promoting ACM in India. She has been on the panel for ACM India's Eminent Speaker Program, speaking in over 50 locations in India, raising awareness broadly around the country, and addressing important topics regarding diversity, research and education.
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