Andrea Goldsmith

ACM Athena Lecturer Award

USA - 2018


For contributions to the theory and practice of adaptive wireless communications and sustained translation of theoretic results into commercial technologies and industry standards.

Professor Andrea Goldsmith is recognized as one of the most influential researchers in the field of wireless communication, with remarkable theoretical results, academic output, pedagogical work, and entrepreneurial success.  Wireless data channels are subject to variation of received signal strength due to fading and interference.  In her doctoral research, Professor Goldsmith was the first to determine the Shannon capacity limits of time-varying wireless channels and show that it was theoretically possible to achieve capacity by changing signal modulation and signal power to match channel fading.  Her subsequent award-winning work provided a theoretical underpinning for a long suspected duality between the broadcast and multiple access channels.  She was the first to establish the dual relation between the capacity regions for Gaussian broadcast channels and multiple access channels, enabling the capacity-achieving scheme for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) broadcast channels.  MIMO and Multi-User MIMO techniques have been adopted in WiMAX and LTE standards and 802.11ac WiFi standard that supports high throughput transmissions.

In 2005, Professor Goldsmith co-founded Quantenna Communication that leveraged the dynamic MIMO beamforming and brought to market multiple HDTV video streaming within a home.  Over the years, Quantenna remained at the leading edge, providing chipsets to carriers around the world, exceeding $110M in revenue, and going public in 2016.

Professor Goldsmith has a remarkable publication record, listed among the "Highest Cited Authors" in Thompson's ISI citation index.  She has been a tireless community activist, serving as President of the IEEE Information Theory Society, and an inspiring educator, making significant contributions through her widely used textbook in Wireless Communication and key references in the field.  She devotes significant time to mentoring women students, postdocs, and junior faculty and promoting women in academia and industry.

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