Calvin C. Gotlieb

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Outstanding Contribution to ACM Award

Canada - 2011


For serving as the Leading Light of ACM's Awards Committee.

Calvin Carl (Kelly) Gotlieb has been an ardent and active member of ACM for over 60 years. He has served the Association in myriad ways since 1949: as editor-in-chief of "Communications of the ACM" (1962-1965) and "Journal of the ACM" (1966-1968); chair of the ACM Fellows Committee; and chair of the ACM A.M. Turing Award Committee. Yet his longest and deepest involvement has been as chair of the ACM Awards Committee-a program that has flourished in prestige and recognition worldwide during Kelly's 20-year stewardship (the last decade with James Horning as co-chair). Kelly stands among a very rare breed of ACM volunteers who have dedicated so many years to one ACM program. His success story and contribution to the success of ACM is unmatched.

Kelly's generous efforts have shaped and defined ACM's Awards program. He was the tireless advocate in pursuit of a vision that ACM's Turing Award should be recognized as the "Nobel Prize" in computing. During Kelly's reign, not only has the esteem and visibility of the Turing Award rocketed globally, so too did the cash prize associated with it: from $1,000 two decades ago to $250,000 today. The ACM Fellows program, the Distinguished Member program, and the Senior Member program were all established during Kelly's tenure. Leading by example, he inspired these committees to exceed expectations and pursue their own collective visions.

Kelly's unflagging devotion to ACM's Award Committee has left a lasting impact on the program, the Association, and all those fortunate enough to work alongside him. The success of the awards program has allowed the ACM to play a major role in promoting excellence and achievement across the computing community.

ACM Presidential Award

Canada - 2002


For his dedication, total commitment, and never-failing enthusiasm in maintaining the technical excellence and integrity of the ACM awards program.

ACM Fellows

Canada - 1994