Susan L Graham

Digital Library

ACM-IEEE CS Ken Kennedy Award

USA - 2011


For foundational compilation algorithms and programming tools; research and discipline leadership; and exceptional mentoring.

ACM Distinguished Service Award

USA - 2006


For service to the computing community, especially for service on national committees.

Susan Graham epitomizes distinguished service via her service with ACM, and other national organizations and committees that have significant impact on the field of computing. Dr. Graham has served her country, her profession, and her university while attaining international stature as a top researcher in programming languages. She was a leading member of the first Presidents Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC), whose report resulted in a significant increase in research funding for IT.

Dr. Graham was the founding editor of the ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems. She is a former member of the SIGPLAN executive committee and has been a member of many SIGPLAN program committees. She has served on committees of the National Academy of Engineering and the National Research Council, including the NRC Computer Science and Telecommunications Board. She has also served on the Presidents committee on the National Medal of Science. She has served on the following National Science Foundation advisory committees: the Division for Computer and Computation Research, the Science and Technology Centers Program, and the Directorate for Mathematics and Physical Science. She served on the Panel for International Review of United Kingdom Computer Science Research and co-chaired the Japan-US Forum on the Future of Supercomputing.

Dr. Graham has been very active in the University of California, Berkeley community, including serving as the faculty advisor for the Women in Computer Science and Engineering and the Society of Women Engineers. Currently, she is the Pehong Chen Distinguished Professor Emerita in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at UCB and a Professor of the Graduate School. She is a Fellow of ACM, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and AAAS, and a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

ACM Fellows

USA - 1994