Wayne Graves

Digital Library

Outstanding Contribution to ACM Award

USA - 2008


For outstanding leadership in the design, implementation, and evolution of the ACM Digital Library and Guide.

The ACM's Digital Library (DL) and its associated Guide to Computing Literature are among the most complete and reliable sources of information on computing research today. They have become ACM's crown jewels. Over the past 10 years, the DL has constantly evolved to reflect the very best thinking of what a digital collection of the research literature for the computing community should be. While many have contributed to this vision, it is the outstanding technical leadership of key ACM Headquarters staff that made it a reality. Wayne Graves and Bernard Rous have made a decade's worth of fundamentally important contributions to the development and evolution of the ACM DL and Guide, and in the process have played pivotal roles in the creation of a product and service that, more than anything else, reflect the dimensions, the brand, the quality ... the essence ... of ACM.

In his position as ACM's Director of Information Systems, Wayne Graves has been responsible for the implementation of all aspects of the DL. In fulfilling this responsibility, Wayne has taken outstanding initiative to constantly evaluate, engage, and shape the latest technologies to ensure that the underpinnings and implementation of the DL reflect cutting-edge thinking on how to organize, store, and use a massive digital collection.

Wayne Graves and Bernard Rous are the epitome of professionalism in society staff. They provide insightful leadership when appropriate and expert support to volunteers as necessary. And, they do it with the best in collegiality and good humor. Truly, their contributions to ACM have been outstanding.