Prof. Dame Wendy Hall

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ACM Presidential Award

United Kingdom - 2022


For her technical contributions that have significantly influenced the development of the Semantic Web and the field of Web Science; her leadership and impact in shaping the science and engineering policy agenda internationally; her advocacy and leadership in promoting informatics education throughout Europe through the Informatics for All coalition and other international groups; and her committed and inspired work to strengthen ACM?s geographically diverse footprint and establishing and fostering regional councils to promote ACM activities in China, India, and Europe.

Outstanding Contribution to ACM Award

United Kingdom - 2014


For guiding ACM to become a truly international organization, helping improve diversity within ACM, and working to increase ACM's visibility in scientific venues world-wide.

As the first ACM President from outside North America, Professor Dame Wendy Hall had a vision of ACM as an international organization and developed a success path to achieve this vision. Her dedication to having ACM a global organization resulted in the development of ACM Europe, ACM India and ACM China Councils, which continue to thrive. She also focused on education of the younger CS generations and promoting gender diversity. She supported ACM-W efforts not only in North America but also in India and Europe. She led the effort to make ACM the world's leading computing society by sharing ACM's values, resources, and services, with a borderless audience and by discovering, welcoming, and nurturing talent in computing from all corners of the world.
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ACM Fellows

United Kingdom - 2010


For contributions to the semantic web and web science and for service to ACM and the international computing community.