Russell Harris

Award Recipient
Russell Harris

Outstanding Contribution to ACM Award

USA - 2013


ACM's financial leading light for over four decades, whose keen business acumen is responsible for many of the accounting practices that continue to strengthen ACM's fiscal structure.

Russell Harris has guided ACM's finances for over 40 years and over those decades, the Association has faced assorted financial challenges, be it wavering economies, membership ebbs and flows, or investment modifications to keep it moving forward. With Russells steady and expert hand, ACM has consistently remained on firm financial footing. Russells tenure is revered by ACM leaders and volunteers, who laud him for running a solvent, systematic, and strategically thoughtful operation. Russell always has ACM's best interest in mind in everything he does. He has been the epitome of what every ACM staff member should be: a dedicated employee who has gained the respect of staff and volunteers throughout the organization and has had the sole focus of making ACM better and stronger.