Edward Lazowska

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ACM Distinguished Service Award

USA - 2009


For more than two decades of wide-ranging and tireless service to the computing community, especially in advocacy at a national level.

Ed Lazowska's service has been exemplary: for nearly two decades he has been a tireless advocate of the computing community, especially at a national level in the United States.

Lazowska served as co-chair of the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC) from 2003-05, where he championed the importance of computing in achieving federal priorities. He served for six years on the National Research Council's Computer Science and Telecommunications Board (CSTB) and made major contributions to NRC and CSTB studies involving the information technology innovation ecosystem, the role of information technology in improving learning and in countering terrorism, and the management of university intellectual property.

Lazowska also chaired the Board of Directors of the Computing Research Association (CRA), the NSF CISE Advisory Committee, and the DARPA Information Science And Technology (ISAT) Study Group. Recently, he was instrumental in creating and chairing the Computing Community Consortium, an NSF-sponsored effort to engage the computing research community in envisioning more audacious research challenges.

In addition to his service and advocacy in other matters, Lazowska has also made significant service contributions to ACM. He has been a member of the ACM Council and has served on several ACM award committees. He also served as the Chair of ACM SIGMETRICS.

Throughout his career Lazowska has been a persistent and vocal advocate of diversity in computing at the highest levels.

ACM Presidential Award

USA - 2005


For showing us how to advocate effectively for IT research and advanced education.

ACM Fellows

USA - 1995


For advancing the state of the art in computer systems and computer system performance analysis, and for significant technical, educational, and disciplinary leadership.