Michael Ley

Digital Library

ACM Distinguished Service Award

Germany - 2019


For creating, developing, and curating DBLP, an extraordinarily useful and influential online bibliographic resource that has changed the way computer scientists work.

Michael Ley created DBLP, one of the first and most influential online computer science bibliographic information systems. His tour de force effort required vision, technical innovation, long-term dedication, and a strong commitment to service. DBLP provides highly reliable bibliographic data, setting standards for accuracy that are to this day unsurpassed. DBLP has changed the way the computer science community works. Researchers and practitioners use it to find relevant papers when exploring new areas, editors and program committee chairs use it when searching for reviewers, and authors use it to find relevant citations and make sure that the citations are correct. Through his work on DBLP, Michael Ley has made the enormous body of published computer science research more accessible and useful to the entire community. DBLP is now operated by a department of Schloss "Dagstuhl - Leibniz Center for Informatics" located at the University of Trier.
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