Raymond A Lorie

Digital Library

ACM Fellows

USA - 2000


Multiple important contributions to the technology of Relational Database systems (SQL embedding, SQL compilation, optimizer, extensions for engineering). Important contribution in automatic data entry from forms.

ACM Software System Award

USA - 1988

System R


Donald Chamberlin, James Gray, Raymond Lorie, Gianfranco Putzolu, Patricia Selinger, Irving Traiger

The INGRES and System R systems demonstrated that a practical and efficient database management system (DBMS) could be implemented based on the relational data model. These systems were full-function DBMS's that supported non-procedural query languages (QUEL and SQL), automatic query optimization, alternative storage structures, transactions, crash recovery, views, integrity, and protection. They have revolutionized the database system industry by showing how data stored in a computer can be conveniently accessed by end users and while at the same time it can be used by production application programs.

ACM Programming Systems and Languages Paper Award

USA - 1982


The Recovery Manager of the System R Database Manager, ACM Computing Surveys, June 1981 (with James Gray, Paul McJones, Michael Blasgen, Bruce Lindsay, Thomas Price, Gianfranco Putzolu, Irving Traiger)