Prof P J Narayanan

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Award Recipient
Prof P J Narayanan

ACM Presidential Award

India - 2013


As President of the ACM India Council, Dr. Narayanan's steadfast desire to establish an ACM presence in this burgeoning technology mecca has met with unparalleled success. Under his inspired leadership, ACM-India memberships and chapters have flourished throughout the country. Indeed, his efforts were instrumental in registering ACM as a scholarly society in India. His enthusiasm for facilitating top conferences to the region as well as encouraging students to follow a career in computing exemplifies his commitment to planting strong ACM roots in India. Under Dr. Narayanan's expert guidance, ACM-India is working to create initiatives to improve the quality of computing education in India and to strengthen the Indian computing research enterprise. Both initiatives are important to bolstering the next generations of India's technology leaders and their presence in the practice of computer science.