Prof Ron Perrott

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ACM Distinguished Service Award

United Kingdom - 2015


For providing vision and leadership in high-performance computing and e-science, championing new initiatives and advocating collaboration among interested groups at both national and international levels.

Professor Ron Perrott has been an effective advocate for parallel and grid computing in Europe since the 1970s, working tirelessly and successfully with academic, governmental, and industrial groups to convince them of the importance of developing shared resources for high-performance computing at both national and regional levels. He has striven to increase awareness of the benefits which broadening the scope of computational science and data science could bring, by playing an instrumental role in the development of e-science initiatives. In addition to his activities within the British and European computing communities, he has given significant service to the broader international community, including the development of programs to stimulate and increase international participation in major computing conferences, and serving as chair of the ACM Fellows Committee.
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ACM Fellows

United Kingdom - 1997


The candidate has made fundamental contributions to the design and implementation of parallel languages and has been active in formulating IT policy at the UK and European levels.