Gerhard Schimpf

Digital Library

ACM Presidential Award

Germany - 2016


For his leadership in support of ACMs mission for global expansion by helping to establish ACM Europe, advocating ACMs involvement in the Heidelberg Laureates Forum, and enlightening students and professionals throughout Europe to the value of ACM membership.

ACM honors Gerhard Schimpf for his exhaustive devotion to ACM for over four decades, and his unremitting work to increase ACMs visibility across Europe. Gerhard was a leading supporter of ACM Europe, serving on the first ACM Europe Council in 2009. He was also instrumental in coordinating ACMs spot as one of the founding organizations of the Heidelberg Laureates Forum. The HLF, an annual gathering of top students and foremost scientists in the field, including ACMs Turing Award recipients, has received worldwide recognition for excellence since its debut in 2012. ACM is indebted to Gerhard for his dedication and global vision.

ACM Senior Member

Germany - 2012