Professor Abraham Silberschatz

Digital Library

ACM Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award

USA - 1998


For his contributions to Computer Science Education through his books and mentoring of students.

Dr. Avi Silberschatz is recognized for his contributions to Computer Science Education. His book Operating Systems Concepts, co-authored with Peter Galvin and now in its fifth edition, is an established reference for professionals and an accessible text for the beginner. His book Database Systems Concepts has enjoyed similar success. Both books have been translated into over seven languages and are in worldwide use. Dr. Silberschatz has enriched our field also by his mentoring of doctoral and undergraduate students, his preparation of educational materials for industry, and his service on committees that evaluate Computer Science Departments.

ACM Fellows

USA - 1996


For superb research contributions in the areas of databases, multimedia systems and concurrency control, outstanding contribution to Computer Science education and outstanding service to the ACM community.