Dr. Robert A. Walker

Digital Library

Outstanding Contribution to ACM Award

USA - 2007


For a sustained record of dedicated and conscientious leadership within the ACM Special Interest Groups, including service as Chair of the SIG Governing Board, Chair of SIGDA, SGB Representative to Council, as well as leadership in ACM conference organization.

Dr. Robert A. (Bob) Walker epitomizes the volunteer spirit within ACM. For more than 15 years he has lent his expertise, enthusiasm, and hard work to advancing the organization and the profession, doing so with extraordinary collegiality and charm.

Dr. Walker began his service as volunteer with ACM's Special Interest Group on Design Automation (SIGDA) in 1992. He subsequently became a SIGDA Advisory Board member, Secretary/Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, and finally SIGDA Chair (2001-2005). As a SIGDA officer for more than a decade, Dr. Walker oversaw the growth of SIGDA activities to the current rich portfolio offered to benefit young professionals and students as well as experienced members. Dr. Walker also worked hard in the trenches, serving in administrative positions within the organizational structure of 42 different conferences since 1999, including DAC and DATE, the largest conference series in the field.

In 2004 Dr. Walker was elected Chair of the ACM SIG Governing Board. There he streamlined its activities so that more time could be made available for interaction among the Chairs. He also worked to increase the interaction between the SGB and other parts of ACM.

Today, Dr. Walker continues his service as an SGB Representative to the ACM Council. There Dr. Walker has provided leadership in organizing ACM's new advanced member grade program, serving as Chair of the Senior Member Committee.

When Dr. Walker is not working on ACM business, he is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Kent State University and currently Department Chair. His research interests are in novel architectures for embedded systems and high-level (behavioral) synthesis of digital systems and design space exploration. In 2006, he became a Distinguished Member of ACM.

Dr. Walker holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University and MS and PhD degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

ACM Distinguished Member

USA - 2006