Peter Wegner

Digital Library

ACM Distinguished Service Award

USA - 2000


For many years of generous service to ACM and the computing community, including outstanding and inspiring leadership in publications and in charting research directions for computer science.

During his distinguished research career Peter Wegner has written or edited over a dozen books in the areas of programming languages and software engineering. For decades, he has been an initiator in ACM's educational and publication efforts, performing invaluable service to innumerable readers, researchers, practitioners and students. As editor-in-chief of ACM Press Books (1987-1992), and the ACM Computing Surveys (1995-1999), Dr. Wegner demonstrated innovative leadership and the ability to inspire and motivate others. In both of these editorial positions he innovated and improved the publications substantially, reaching out with originality, energy, and good taste.

Dr. Wegner has an exemplary history of service to the computing community and his efforts have inspired several generations of computer scientists. He was a leader in charting research directions for CS, who continually found new ways of focusing the field's intellectual energy, helping to shape research agendas and funding programs. His commitment to CS research and publishing was matched by his commitment to education, and his focus on the state and the direction of education provided an immense contribution. At a time of splintering and specialization in CS, Peter provided an integrative force to the computing community.

ACM Fellows

USA - 1995


For many 27 years Professor Wegner has been an initiating leader in ACM's educational and publication efforts while inspiring several generations of computer scientists.