Dr. John R. White

Digital Library

ACM Presidential Award

USA - 2015


For his committed and inspired leadership as ACM's Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer from November 1998 to July 2015, transforming the Association into a truly international society able to bring the highest quality resources to current and future computing professionals worldwide, and enabling it to deliver at unprecedented levels on its mission of advancing computing as a science and a profession.

ACM Fellows

USA - 1995


For outstanding contributions to the advancement of computing science through his leadership in the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), computing science research, and computing science education.

Outstanding Contribution to ACM Award

USA - 1994


For his wise initiative in creating and nurturing the SIG Discretionary Fund, whose activities have strengthened both ACM as a whole and the role of the SIGs within it, and for his work in building bridges between ACM and the rest of the computing community.