David S Wise

Digital Library

Outstanding Contribution to ACM Award

USA - 2006


For his leadership and unstinting service to ACM and the SIGs, especially for creation of the Federated Computing Research Conference (FCRC), and for key contributions to the strengthening of the ACM Digital Library.

David S. Wise is a professor of Computer Science at Indiana University, whose current research interests are functional programming and new paradigms for solving matrix problems. He became an ACM Fellow in 2004. Currently, he is a member of ACM Council, co-chair of the History Committee, and member of both the Audit Committee and the USACM Public Policy Committee.

Dr. Wise has been an exceptionally active and responsible volunteer, who has made significant contributions to ACM and the Special Interest Groups. His valued leadership in ACM SIGPLAN (Chair: 1989-91, Vice Chair: 1987-89, Executive Committee: 1983-85, 1991-93) and its key conferences (Lisp Conference - 1980; Lisp and Functional Programming - 1982; POPL 1984 & 1991; PLDI - 1988), was recognized by the 2000 ACM SIGPLAN Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Wise also has held the ACM positions of Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, member of the Publications Board, and member of the SIG Board.

Dr. Wise has also worked unstintingly behind the scenes. He was the primary agent in fostering greater collaboration between the Publications Board and the SIGs. He was instrumental in the creation of the subscription and copyright policies of the ACM Digital Library, especially as it relates to libraries, and he led the charge for the Digital Library's early inclusion of SIG newsletters and conferences. He championed the SIGFUND contributions from the SIGs to ACM and its subunits during a challenging financial period -- thereby broadening the scope and interests of the SIGs to the entire computing community. He led the creation of the Federated Computing Research Conference, chairing the first FCRC and still serves on its Steering Committee.

ACM Fellows

USA - 2004


For leadership in the computer science community and contributions to functional programming languages.