Moni Naor

Digital Library

ACM Paris Kanellakis Theory and Practice Award

Israel - 2016


For ground-breaking contributions to broadcast encryption and piracy tracking, laying the foundations for modern copyright protection of blue-ray discs and other broadcast media.

Amos Fiat and Moni Naor pioneered the theoretical foundation of cryptographic techniques to protect the copyright of media that are disseminated to many users. The revolutionary concept of Broadcast Encryption enables the transmission of content with strong encryption to a wide and dynamically varying set of recipients, while also being efficient in storage and communication. The important extension of "Traitor Tracing" encodes content in a way that enables the identification and exclusion of users who leak their keys for piracy, while still allowing access by all valid users. These contributions have laid the foundation for standardized techniques to protect the content of Blue-Ray discs as well as various forms of broadcast media over satellite radio and television.