Dr. Barbara Gershon Ryder

Digital Library

ACM Presidential Award

USA - 2008


For her devoted efforts as Chair of the 2003, and Steering Committee Chair of the 2007, Federated Computing Research Conference, as well as for her exceptional work on behalf of SIGPLAN's History of Programming Languages conferences, including serving as Program Chair of 2007's HOPL-III. Dr. Ryder served from 1989 to 1999 on SIGPLAN's Executive Committee, and served as Chair from 1995-97, and as a Member at Large of the ACM Council from 2000 -2008. Dr. Ryder has been a source of inspiration to women in the computing field, dedicating her services in their support, among them, serving on the Athena Lecturer Award Committee. Her contributions as Member-at-Large on ACM's Council have provided valuable insights.

ACM Fellows

USA - 1998


For seminal contributions to the theoretical foundations and empirical investigation of interprocedural compile-time analyses, especially for languages with general-purpose pointers.